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In order to learn English best, you must have "PASSION, KEEN LEARNING AND SELF CONFIDENT". In English, you need to practice listening and speaking skills a lot. EAC offers you lots of situations, topics. You will use listening, speaking, reading, writing, presenting, lecturing skills, logical thinking, critical thinking every day.

Your success is our the greatest pleasure, honor !

The Council is always willing to help you, whether you are looking for a new opportunity, new career, skills development, or grinding skills for the job, We will help you start with a method, a right direction. Not only do you have "Good English communication" but also learn "How to learn other languages", Not only do you learn for yourself, but also learn "How to teach others".


We Have Love, Passion in Teaching, Dedicated Investigation, We Understand Your Mind and Your Hope. So, the English Academy Council announced to meet your needs.

Expert Teachers

Professional Teachers

Language Proficiency, Understanding the Importance of Education, Understanding Psychology.
Grow Your Skills

Skills development

Comprehensive Skills Development, Communication Speed ​​Control, Learning to Listen, Creative Thinking.
Trusted worldwide

Ensure Communication

Commitment to Knowledge, Experience, Care for Students, Best to Everyone, All Organizations.
Built for Learning

Study method

Interactive Reflects Method, Gains Experience from Educators and Psychologists.
Outstanding Features

Outstanding Material

Study, Remember and Practice Right Now Class. Establishing Communicative Environments, Challenge, Feedback. Prior Knowledge, Ethics, Courteous.
Dream Jobs

The Ideal Jobs

Teachers, Professors, tutors, sales staff, business managers, franchisors.


  • I love this school
  • I love this school
  • I love this school
  • I love this school
  • I love this school
  • I love this school
  • I love this school
  • I love this school
  • I love this school
  • I love this school
  • "The teachers in school are very cute and especially they love the students. Methods are easy to understand, easy to remember, easy to learn. Many thanks to the teachers and especially the EAC consultants for their care and attention."

    Ivi Trang

  • "Learning English is my joy and passion, I have studied in many places but EAC is the house that I feel close and dear. When I was in grade 2, I was able to communicate a lot."

    Yen Hong

  • "I has been studying English at EAC for 4 months. The teachers at EAC are dedicated and serious. When I go to EAC class, no friends speak Vietnamese. English is the main language."


  • "I started attending EAC at the recommendation of a friend. The quality of teachers is the thing that I feel most secure. In addition, the process of caring and reminders for students is also very close, so that the efficiency of their learning evolved significantly."


  • "I was very surprised with my ability to speak English in EAC, I never knew whene I could use my body language, how to lead a listener and" master the stage ". Seeing your progress is a great thing. "

    Rita Trang

  • "According to you, EAC is a good English learning environment because. The teacher is friendly, cheerful, enthusiastic and teaches very well. In addition to learning English, I also learned Living Skills such as communicating behavior, presenting my ideas, etc. Thanks to these things, I am now good at English communication to meet the demands of work. I am thankful to EAC's teachers for giving me the knowledge and belief to succeed in my life."


  • "In the past, my English was very bad, but since I was studying English at EAC, my English is a lot better and I have been confident in communicating at work. I would like to say thanks to The English Academy Council so much. "

    Hong Tham

  • "Although I can not go through all the courses, I find myself having a really effective course. I have an environment to speak English regularly, comfortable, correct pronunciation, a special thing that is I speak very poorly due to lack of vocabulary, grammar ... but the teachers and the class still patiently wait and explain (thank you everyone). Thanks EAC for an effective course! "

    Niko Huong

  • "The organization of the classroom is oriented towards professionalism." The classroom atmosphere is comfortable and fun, the teacher is cheerful and open, enthusiastic and responsible for the class. I appreciated EAC's work style and effort, and I am pleased with the decision to study here. "


  • "The curriculum is great, suitable for practical application, teacher level and good communication." I feel much more confident with my ability to communicate in English. This is the common feeling of everyone in the class.) The teacher is very psychologically disturbed to listen to every practitioner. "

    Yen Yen

  • "Lớp học tuyệt vời ngoài sức tưởng tượng của em. Hiếm có lớp học nào mà có thể chia sẻ mọi chuyện và cứ đến lớp là cười thoải mái như vậy. Yêu lắm luôn! Em học được cách tư duy bằng tiếng Anh nên nói tự nhiên và trôi chảy hơn hẳn!."

    Yến Yến


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Address:25B Tran Van Hoang

Hotline: 877.788.988

Fanpage: English Academy Council



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