Department of Fine Arts

Students who pursue a career in fine arts are passionate about learning and creating new works. That’s why the Department of Fine Arts teaches students how to respond to their creative voice. Students are provided a strong fine arts foundation that allows growth into more specific areas.

Why Choose Fine Arts at RSU?

The Department of Fine Arts is equipped with art and music classrooms, studios, labs, darkrooms, rehearsal spaces, and a gallery to meet student needs before, during, and after the art-making process.

Students in the Fine Arts Department have the option to study Music, Native American Studies, or Visual Arts. Visual Arts students can specialize in graphic design, multimedia, photographic arts, or studio arts.

Graduates of the fine arts program are employed in a variety of fields, including art education, museum/gallery work, graphic and photographic design, art research and restoration, art therapy, trade show design, art marketing, and studio art.

Fast Facts

RSU hosts several student and professional art shows each year in The Gary Moeller Gallery of the Arts. Many shows are juried, and all shows are open to the public.
The Summer Art Program in Italy provides students with the opportunity to study the art, architecture and history of Italy. Students also make their own art and confer with well-known international artists about their progress.
The department provides students with a variety of art-making spaces, including two 2-D studios, two photography labs, a photo studio, two graphics labs, a three-dimensional art lab and studio/classroom, and a ceramics studio.
Graduates of the Fine Arts program continue to be placed in graduate school programs to pursue their Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts Degree.
Fine arts faculty participate in art shows, performances and festivals that relate to their disciplines. Faculty members also conduct research, write articles and lead professional presentations in the region, across the country and around the world.



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